Our company was established in 2012, originally named, Fly II Society, LLC, based in Atlanta, GA. Due to the high cost for good quality marketing content we were forced to build a solid team and learn to create content ourselves. We then began encouraging dreamers with talent to showcase it to the world.

Our team provided photography, videography, and graphic design services for clients while in the music studio, performing live, coordinating events or concerts, and many other creative projects. We are blessed to say a few of our first clients consisted of Diana N. Patterson M.Ed., Tobe Nwigwe, Molding The Clay, Asyah Tyra, BeBe The Body, Kiara DuPree, India Racks, The God D.R., and many more.

In 2017, Fly II Society was renamed, I Am Fly. “I Am Fly” is the epitome of a positive universal affirmation. The name was chosen on the strength of the power within it, and to subconsciously motivate our clients to soar to greater heights within their industry.



I Am Fly, LLC is a “One Stop Creative Shop”. We are here to motivate you to soar to your highest potential while assisting you by creating and managing your next fly creative project. Our team understands the most powerful words any of us can say, are the words that follow, “I Am”. Our mission is to positively affect the subconscious minds of millions of business owners as you elevate. Allow us to create high quality content that will attract your target audience.

Our team of creative experts provide affordable, high quality multimedia services to our clients. We offer the following services to celebrities, influencers, and business owners across the nation: Branding, Custom Apparel, Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production, and Web Design.


We are committed to using our creative gifts to turn our clients visions into reality.
We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality service. We will always strive for excellence and never lower standards.
We are committed to always being honest and doing the right even when we think no one is looking.
We are committed to working together as a team for the best interest of our clients. We will remain humble with the common goal of winning.


I Am Fly promises to donate a portion of the proceeds from each transaction to cancer research. We are dedicated to giving back to organizations working to find a cure for cancer. Cancer has affected way too many lives, including our beloved Co-Founder, Myron W. Patterson, who passed away from bile duct cancer on April 20, 2022.

I Am Fly is also committed to donating an additional portion of the proceeds from each transaction to our talent sponsorship program. We will use the funds to provide multimedia services to low-income talented dreamers in need of high quality creative content such as; branding, custom clothing, graphics, photos, videos, or websites. 

We understand there are extremely gifted people who currently can not afford to hire creative experts. With your continuous support, I Am Fly will assist millions of less fortunate dreamers as they soar to their highest potential.

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